EPISODE ONE : Getting Your Real Estate Life Together Podcast Introduction

On Getting Your Real Estate Life Together Podcast, we will discuss and share tips and strategies on how to be a great Owner/CEO/President in your real estate business. We’ll talk with everyday agents about their business, focusing on marketing strategies, what works and sometimes more importantly, what doesn’t.

Our host Tracey Hicks owns All Things Real Estate, a unique supply company for real estate agents that offer products with fun, great design for their everyday needs and marketing products as well. She’s been a Realtor® for 16+ years and owns a boutique real estate brokerage in Portland Oregon, Dwell Realty, with co-owner Chris Guinn III since 2009.

Our Podcast will discuss and hopefully solve any pain points our guests may have and share that with our listeners. Our hope is that you get something tangible from the show that you can take back and implement into your business.

xo, Tracey

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