EPISODE FIVE : Getting Your Real Estate Life Together with Mike Michalowicz

The book that will elevate your business was just released and we get to talk about it with Mike on this episode! Fix This Next, by Mike Michalowicz. After five years of research, Mike has decoded the DNA of every business and reveals it in his new book. Using the model will completely transform your business. "Fix This Next" was written for businesses that are in crisis. 

The biggest challenge business owners have is knowing what their biggest challenge is. "Fix This Next" and this special podcast episode will introduce you to a simple model that shows why you stay stuck, the identification process to determine what to work on next, and the method to fix it. 

Tracey asks Mike about the book, business, marketing, all the good stuff entrepreneurs do on a daily basis. Welcome to Getting Your Real Estate Life Together! Thank you for listening.

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