EPISODE THIRTY-SIX: Getting Your Real Estate Life Together with Carrie J. Little

Carrie J. Little from Smart Girl Media is a Digital Marketing strategist for the real estate industry. She teaches social media, data, and technology. CarMarc Realty Group was founded in 2017.  Carrie, managing broker/owner has been in the business since 2001 working for one of the largest real estate firms in Chicagoland. With her background in technology, her goal is to work with agents that love technology, love helping families and individuals find a place to call home.  The old idea of listing and buying homes has changed. Carrie and her company seek to work with new technologies to make each transaction seamless and a non-stressful experience. 

In this episode, Carrie talks about how she does research and how she uses numbers and analytics to see maximum results as a real estate agent. She also talks about her life as a brokerage owner and how she educates new agents about marketing and social media. Carrie also shares how she leverages social media to do more in her business. Listen in!

[00:01 - 05:43] Opening Segment

  • Welcoming Carrie to the show
  • Carrie shares her background
  • How Carrie started using social media for real estate purposes

[05:44 - 19:00] Life as a Brokerage Owner 

  • Carrie on educating new real estate agents
    • How she learned the nitty-gritty of real estate
    • How she educates new agents
  • What it’s like to be a brokerage owner
  • Leveraging social media for marketing and training
    • Using Facebook to train agents
    • Other social media platforms Carrie use to market

[19:01 - 39:00] Doing Research and Using the Numbers

  • How to use research as a broker
    • Use the MLS
    • Figure out the data tools
      • Turnover rate
      • Which home is selling the fastest?
  • Practicality as a real estate agent
    • Hiring a money coach
  • The significance of social media
    • Creating Instagram reels
    • Posting on TikTok
  • Investing in yourself
    • Don’t be afraid to ask

[39:01 - 46:28] Closing Segment 

  • Treat real estate like a business
  • Carrie’s social-media-related goal for 2022
  • Carrie’s upcoming events
  • How you can connect with Carrie
  • Closing words

Tweetable Quotes:

“Every day I get up, I try to work out. That's the goal. When I get up, I’m like ‘I'm going to work, you have to get up and go to work.’ So that's what I trained the agents to do, and the agents that show up and do the work, they'll make a living.” - Carrie J. Little

“Figure out the best house to sell in the community, figure out what the turnover rate is in no specific order, figure out if you're in a seller's market, and figure out the inventory. When you understand that data, you will not only help, you'll actually work smarter.” - Carrie J. Little

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