EPISODE TWELVE : Getting Your Real Estate Life Together with Mikisha Ismail

In this episode, we'll be catching up with Portland based REALTOR® and entrepreneur, Mikisha Ismail. This year she made a shift from working as a listing agent to working more with buyers.


She also has expanded her passion for real estate and interior design with an accompanying business creating curated interior design boxes, Curate Your Cozy. Today, Tracey and Mikisha speak about the challenges facing local buyers in the current market, expanding her portfolio with Curate Your Cozy, and what its like parenting during Covid. 


2:18 Mikisha talks about her experience moving from working as a listing agent to working with Portland buyers in a challenging market since Covid began 

5:41 Discussing inventory of homes in Portland 

6:23 Working with appraisals

9:45 A story of a recent house flip appraisal

12:15 The discussion on writing a letter for property bids as a buyer

17:16 Finding out more about Curate your Cozy, her side interior design box company

25:00 Choosing who to market the boxes to

32:00 Parenting now in Covid era

41:20 What Mikisha has coming for end of year 

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